A Day in October

A Day in October

A busy day last week.  I was on Jury Service, which finished early, so I got the chance to go to the Big Library, then on to a lovely shop, then on to a friends house for tea, with a pumpkin as a present, then did a talk to the WRI… busy busy girl.

The Top Row

Tarot Illuminated Custom Cabochon, Court Card - at our relatively local court, albeit a 36 mile round trip each day.

Men's Bottle Green T-shirt with Sheriff design - as I live in Scotland, where the court is presided by a Sheriff, a kind but portly man...

Eyeball Earrings - One thing which was totally new to me, and to the majority of the jurors, was the description of how to do an eyeball shot! Scarily, my daughter knew about them, and my son had tried unsuccessfully, and didn't enjoy the experience…

The Second Row

Vodka in a Teacup - the eyeball shot involved absorbing vodka via your eyeball, and apparently you get a big hit.  I am surprised that us jurors didn't all arrive at Court the next day with one bloodshot eye due to trying it out at home.

Book Lovers Mini Skirt Library Book Print - court finished early, and I had time to spare before heading to Dunning, so I went to the main county library

Book Sculpture We Need to Talk about Kevinand I chose a book to do with fusing glass.  I have, on loan, a tabletop furnace which is giving me much pleasure in recycling bits of beautiful glass which are no good for mosaics but can be turned into cabochons for flower heads.

Painted Music in Vintage Frame - across from the Library is a lovely gift & art & cake shop where they sell wreaths and floral art, turned wood etc and other pieces such as this card made by the owner!

Third Row

Lorna Doone Crochet Shawl pattern - a good friend, and really creative stained glass artist, Lorna Radbourne provided me with my tea

Tinner's Hares stained glass pack of 5 greeting cards - as I mentioned, Lorna is a stained glass artist, and whilst this IS NOT one of hers, I like this anyway… Lorna isn't selling on Etsy just now, so I couldn't add one of hers…

Apple Earrings - being the teachers' pet, I took Lorna a present…

Dried Baby Pumpkin Autumn Potpourri - I gave Lorna a giant pumpkin that I had bought earlier in the day at the cash-and-carry.  I was almost upside down in the box of pumpkins trying to hoick out the big one at the bottom.

Bottom Row

Baking Dish for Pies Crumble or Lasagne - home cooked fish lasagne, delicious!

Rounded Pot with (Rural) Blue house and Windy Trees - and the final part of the day was giving a talk about Mosaics made of Recycled Material to the Dunning Women's Rural Institute (WRI).  A lovely group of ladies who seemed to enjoy what I was saying, and provided great home-made cakes to eat afterwards.  And for a bit of added interest to my story, I have a broken Julia Smith Ceramic mug in my mosaic stash…

Self Adhesive Photo Album with Hand Illustrated Cover - the demonstration not only involved talking about the history of mosaics, and the laying out of tesserae, but also included a demonstration of cutting and gluing with adhesives… a bit messy in a clean community hall…

Decorative Daisies on a Slate Mosaic - and I had some samples of finished pieces, both big and small for them to see, including a few mosaic slates.

To view the full treasury on my Etsy page, go HERE



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