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As my blog page doesn't allow me to present a list of the various posting as a kind of 'contents' page or index, see the list below, and follow the links where interested.

15th November 2015 ~ Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen

16th June 2015 ~ Pitlochry Art Walk and More

4th May 2015 ~ Animals Peeping In

26th April 2015 ~ My Journey Through Etsy

3rd November 2014 ~ Musings from the BAMM Forum

14th October 2014 ~ A Day In October

24th June 2014 ~ Circus Mirror

26th May 2014 ~ Mosaic Mirror Mayhem

*** and then there are individual posts about my friends who exhibited in the "In the Garden with Friends" exhibition - not added into this list!

26th September 2013 ~ I Felt So Naughty!

27th August 2013 ~ Perthshire Open Studios

16th August 2013 ~ Never Miss A Marketing Trick

15th May 2013 ~ Frenzied Reaction

21st April 2013 ~ Duck Test Piece

16th April 2013 ~ Working On The Central Panel

10th April 2013 ~ An Update

3rd March 2013 ~ Taking The Plunge

3rd February 2013 ~ Unusual Inspirations

27th January 2013 ~ Staffordshire Inspiration

10th January 2013 ~ Goody Goody Gumdrops



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