Testing the Grout

Duck or chicken mosaic

Grout colour can make such a difference to a mosaic, and it is so easy to choose the wrong colour and regret it afterwards.  So for my wall mosaic, i want to make sure that i got it right.

The background is quite a shiny cream tile.  As i have put a lot of cutting work into the detail of it, with flow and movement etc, if i grouted in cream, then you wouldn't see that.  I could grout in a dark blue/grey, which would bring the bodies of the birds together but would break up the background too much.  So i thought of beige (think sleeveless golfing jumper beige).

To test it out, i made a very quick duck mosaic, using the same materials as my big mosaic - and i have to stress that it was VERY QUICK.  The image shows the before grouting and after grouting.

So i think this will work well.  it also brings a bit more warmth to the mosaic as well. So beige it is.

But what do i do with this duck mosaic now!?!



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