Earl & Countess of Strathearn


I had the pleasure to be included in an exhibition hosted by Perthshire Open Studios, featuring artists from the Strathearn area, which includes Crieff.  So Dolly, Mavis and I set up our stall in the conservation village of Forteviot, alongside Annette and Anna as 'The Bothy in the Garden'.  The star guests of the day was the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, AKA William and Kate.

I think the best way to capture the day is to show you some pics... 


And the Visitors were:

Thanks to Timon Rose for the above photographs, and to Jo Cound for the ones below

A really good selection was taken by Eric McCabe - and they can be seen here. there is one of me in a fetching triangular shape, one where i have a massive smile (think horses bearing their teeth) and and if you look closely, there is a picture of me and the Prince & Princess!



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