Finished - the Bathroom Mosaic

Bird mosaic for a Bathroom

Finished a couple of weeks ago, but I quickly had to move on to other commissions which were beginning to get backed up.  Surprisingly, the mosaic went up much quicker than I had anticipated.  David, my husband, was my able assistant for day one, he plastering the walls with the cement tile adhesive - it was the first time that either of us had used one of the tile spreaders with the notched edge, after all, what I do is so much smaller that I butter the back of each tesserae, and it worked really well.  I did the putting up of the various cut down pieces of mesh-prepared mosaic, tamping it into place.  Fortunately, very little of the white adhesive oozed through; normally I get in a real pickle at that stage.  It took about 5 hours, including a tastly lunch of soup provided by the client.

I stayed over with my brother that night, who lives in Edinburgh.  When I showed him photos of what we had been doing that day, he was impressed with the detail of the cutting of the background tile. At first sight, it looked like regular square mosaic tiles, but they were actually larger wall tiles cut down to shape, to create the flow.  It brought back memories of the day when i asked him, in anticipation of my sis-in-law's 50th and my niece's 18th, whether they would like a mosaic mirror, and his reply was "just a bottle of wine will do".  He obviously wasn't that impressed with what I was doing.  Anyway, this time, I impressed him!  David headed back to Perthshire that night...

Day two, and I was at it alone, and again, it was 'a breeze'.  Actually, I had no idea how long it would take due to the size of the tessarae, the warmth of the flat, how quickly it would dry, how long it would take to clean up, but again I was finished, cleaned up and out the door by 5pm!  Curry for lunch.

Thankfully, the client was pleased with the outcome, and I have to say that the mosaic has worked really well, and was a joy to do.  I was suitably challenged; I learnt a lot of new techniques for larger scale mosaics and I got great advise from some of my cyber friends from around the world.  More photos can be seen on the Splashbacks page.



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  1. Elaine avatar
    Elaine May 19, 2013

    Wow Katy! You have soared into a whole new realm! Wonderful stuff