The Frenzied Reaction

Funky Flowers

It has taken me a while to grout and tidy up this mosaic, enough to get a good photograph of it. It was created as a reaction to all of the commissions that i had, which were back-to-back.  

Three big commissions, great, fantastic, each one challenging in its own right, and yes please, bring it on!  However, focussing so much time on bigger more complex projects has meant that i had no head space for Flipant. for Silly. for Impulsive.  So this was the first piece that i made, and it just exploded into life.  

Sometimes my pieces just fly together, the cutting works a treat, the pieces fit together like a jigsaw and the colours just work together.  Well, this was one of those pieces: The centre of the flowers were ceramic pendants found in a newly opened scrapstore, Remake, in Crieff.  They were my starting point, quickly followed by using three side plates given to me by a local lady, all very lightweight and chipped.  now they have a new home.  The background was another dinner plate, a lovely orangy tone of red. Simple but effective use of colour IMO.

And grouted in Black - most unusual for me... but I love it.  I hope someone else will too...



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