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Broken dishes

I love it when I get given carrier bags by friends, and sometimes strangers. These mysterious, crumpled and often torn bags contain items which get my creative juices flowing. Though David does groan audibly when they arrive; sometimes with a ring of the front door bell; occasionally left on the back doorstep and, time-to-time I will make a short journey to collect If I know that the spoils will be worth it.

So what is it that rocks my boat so? Receiving dishes, bowls, teapots, pots and butter dishes that the previous owner no longer wants, or they are broken. 

Before Christmas I made a detour to friends house after collecting my Christmas cake. Lorna is a stained glass artist (see my links page to visit her site). She has done mosaic before, and over the years, she has collected a varied assortment of stuff. This stuff has now come my way... And what a goody bag it was: two teapots, a couple of chintzy cups, Whttards of Chelsea mugs and bowls; and the two star pieces - a stoneware bowl with little hearts on, and a big coral coloured flower-shaped bowl. Both were broken, but both made by John Maguire.

John is a really talented ceramicist (potter / artist), who has recently been working on a new line of products - hand-basins and urinals (for a client) in floral forms. So he extended the theme to large bowls, one of which broke in transit between his and Lorna's. 

But their loss was my gain. I have already used up the hearts, but the coral plate is special. I will keep it for something special. 



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