Iggy Pop Does Fashion on Radio 6

Iggy Pop does Fashion on Radio 6
I have recently got my shop going on Etsy, renaming it RecycleMeMosaic, so tying it up with my Facebook page. And taking off all the 'buy now' options on this site. 

Part of the way Etsy functions is by liking and being liked - a mental mindset in my general life too!  Rather than just making a cyber wish list, I have found that you can make 'treasuries'. Essentially they are sixteen items grouped together on a theme.

Having added a hanging thistle sculpture to my shop, I thought I would do my first on thistles. (And given that I live in Scotland, etc etc ).  My next one was doves, again with the rational of having my dove cards and notebooks in my Etsy Shop.  

I could keep going on, tapping into the various items that I have listed, but then I went a bit off-beat, and maybe my choices need a bit of explanation.  SoI will use this blog to try and give a bit a rationale where it is needed.

My third treasury is entitled "Iggy Pop Does Fashion on Radio 6" and was based on his playlist on Sunday 5th October 2014. 

I won't repeat the whole playlist, but join up the Etsy listings with the relevant song and artist:

Top Row
Sewing Pattern for Shorts - Short Shorts by The Royal Teens
Hand Felted Christmas Tree Brownie… wearing White Coat - A White Sport Coat by Marti Robbins
Comedy Tragedy Mask Thimble  - Mask by Iggy Pop

Second Row
Foxy Loxy Knitted Hat - Foxy Lady by Jimmy Hendrix
Lampwork Yellow Polka Dot Bead - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Brian Hyland
Polly Ragdoll - Ragdoll by The Four Seasons and Frankie Valli

Third Row
Diamond Statement Ring - This Diamond Ring by Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Orange Flower Power Hotpants - Tight Pants by Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Rupert Bear Envelopes - Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley

Bottom Row
Rolling Pin from Beech - Down Home Girl by the Rolling Stones
Arts & Crafts Style Oak Door - Twentieth Century Fox by The Doors
Rainbow Sgraffito Mug - She's a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones

Hope you enjoy my weird and wonderful world...



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  1. Vanessa avatar
    Vanessa Oct 13, 2014

    Ahhh, it all makes sense now!  Very clever Treasury!