It's The Craft Fair Season Again

Dunning Craft Fair


Craft: an activity involving skill in making things by hand

Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power…

source, online Oxford Dictionaries.

So where does mosaic sit – somewhere between the two? or being both sometimes?

The Arts and Crafts movement brings up images of the early 20th Century; tiffany, Rennie Mackintosh and all that – and stylistically that is different, but I guess the thought process behind it is the same.  That craft can be art or IS art, at whatever level of technical ability it is.  All in the eye of the beholder and all that.

My current problem is the concept of the ‘craft fayre‘ – note ye olde englishe spelling – where (and I catch myself doing it too) people only go with a limited amount of money, expecting a bargain price, totally undervalued financially… and so the artist gets probably around £5 an hour, or less!  And so how to determine which ‘craft fayres’ attract buyers with realistic expectations and appropriate levels of money in their pocket.  Or alternatively, to find galleries (with their clientele) who are open to the idea that mosaic fits their remit.  More of the hmmm going on in my head.

So it is that time of year... the run up to Christmas where I put my efforts into smaller gift items, without compromising my artisitic endeavours (who is that coughing in the background?).

My focus for 2013 is the Dunning Craft Fair on Sunday 17th November, 11.30 - 4.30, organised by Lorna Radbourne of Catriona Glass.  Lorna set a high bar when she invites artists to participate.  This year's mix includes:

Ceri White Studios - ceramics
Catriona Glass - stained glass & jewellery (Lorna Radbourne)
Gail Robertson - painting
Holly Robertson - christmas crafts
Katy Galbraith - mosaics
John Maguire - pottery
Alison and Gerry Leeper - printmaking & silver jewellery
Anna Olson - ceramics
Jo Cound - photography
Station Cat Pottery (Fiona Gordon)
Andy Claydon - wood craft
Kenny Brown -wood craft
Kerri Watson - wire craft
Katharine Huggett - felt work

As a craft fair, it also has a good reputation locally, so visitors to it know to bring their cheque books (or wads of cash).  They are not expecting bargain prices, just an interesting mix of artist's work, in a lovely setting.  My biggest challenge will be "how will I cope with Michael Buble playing all day?"

This is the only event I am doing, as it stands, though I am still supplying various galleries, including the Green Gallery in Buchlyvie, Touched by Scotland in Oyne, Aberdeenshire and the Atholl Gallery in Dunkeld, and of course, An Cnoc in Crieff.  I may do another fair if one comes up with the right dynamics and if I have enough stock, but there are too many unknown factors kicking about in my life just now, so I don't know yet...

Some images of the work on offer at the Dunning Craft Fair:

So if you read this, and you want to come along, please feel invited!



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