Making a new Doorstep Mosaic

Old Front door step
I made a mosaic for our front door many many years ago, using floor tiles and old plant pots, but as the years have gone by, more and more pieces from the edges have been bashed by enormous suitcases from our B&B guests, and now it needs replacing!

So using a rough design from a table which has recently come back into my possession, originally inspired by Hundertwasser, I have started a new doorstep.

I have been working on prepping all the various elements that will form the mosaic. The mosaic will be made in the workshop then installed when the weather is more predictable. 

Making Cabochons

Using my tiny kiln, which also gives me a small amount of heat in my workshop which is a plus at this time of year, I cut up scraps of glass and fuse into little nuggets.  This maroon / purple was a glass plate which I bought from the Remake Scotland Scrapstore (I am on the Board - so fully supportive of it).  Once fused, they are like little candy nuggets.


Strips of Mirror

I always get given mirror.  The stash I used this time came from  a friend's mirror wardrobe that she had removed years ago, and had a plastic backing to stop it breaking into pieces - a bit of a pain to remove the backing, but otherwise all good.

So first I score the mirror, using an oil filled scorer (the yellow tool), then I snap every alternate line, then snap these pieces again,  leaving me with long thin threads of mirror.  The grozing pliers can also be used when the pieces get too fine for the snapping tool.

These strips are then cut  into smaller pieces which will allow me to make a long curvaceous line of mirror.

Ceramic Plate

And finally, lots and lots of triangles made out of cream coloured bone china crockery.  I acquired a set of crockery out of Nina's house, who also had the table above.  I used my older pair of Leponite wheels to cut the china (my newer pair is reserved for cutting glass only).

And so work progresses



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