Making Progress on my Bathroom Commission.

Vine for Bathroom Commission
The border is compete.  I have used wine bottle glass for the vine & leaves, the olive green colour rather than the bright green colour). The background is a double row of shiny cream along the edge of the mosaic which came from the Comrie Cancer Shop, and some less shiny and fractionally greener cream tiles which came from a clean out by our local tiler.
Working onto mesh is is done by cutting up the large sheet of paper into manageable sections, fixing to a board, covering with clear plastic so you can see the design through it, then fixing the fibreglass mesh on top. 
Then I stuck the tesserae with ceramic tile adhesive (thinset) or PVA. Thinset when I need to increase the height of the tesserae or when it is curved or clear - such as the bottle glass. The adhesive really has to get oozed into amongst the fibreglass mesh to be fixed and so I do get into a bit of a pickle! 
When sticking down traditional ceramic tile, I have used waterproof PVA. Thanks to a tip by Sonia King, I have decanted some PVA into a kids glue bottle and just squeeze a wee dot onto the back of my tile to fix it to the mesh. When it comes to installation, I will use ceramic tile adhesive which will strengthen the sticking of the whole thing. 
Made a start on the birds today



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