Mosaic Mirror Mayhem

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I have just taken my first full day's teaching at Remake in Crieff, and what fun it was.  "Mayhem" was the correct title as it was a bit chaotic, as I pushed the students hard to complete their projects, but everyone seemed happy with the results.

In the planning of the class, I wanted to really stick to the reuse and upcycle theme of what I and Remake are about, so I did a lot of rummaging about in my workshop and dug out all manner of bits and pieces to use in the class.

So here is what I used:

Mirror Number One

Using precut boards, made from old kitchen units / cupboards, and mirror cut from some old mirrors given to me by someone moving house:

I thought it would be typical that if I only had a couple of heart boards, then everyone would want to do a heart... so I cut eight boards... and only used two.  So guess what I will be making loads of in anticipation of the various fairs & Perthshire Open Studios...

The project was using lightweight bathroom tiles with PVA glue.  The tiles came from a variety of sources.  Some from a local tiler when his warehouse was demolished; others are handed in to me, occasionaly I buy in charity shops if it is a really special colour.  I also included some glass beads, which i get from charity shops or car boot sales - never new!  I didn't want to include much glass, due to the increase in grouting time that would occur.


I use ice-cream tub lids and some other lids that I bought ages ago from the Remake Scrapstore (a fantastic facility to have in Crieff) for the PVA glue.  

We then worked on Mirror Number Two, then back to the first one to grout.  I use old store cards to spread the grout, and then cut up bathroom towels (and as I also run a B&B, I have a lot of old towels to use) to wipe away the drying excess grout


And some of the finished mosaics:



Mirror Number Two

The second project was a smaller mirror, using coloured ceramic tile adhesive, and pushing in bits of bling into it. 

Again, the boards were cut down mdf units, this time smaller and thinner boards.  The same mirrors.

They are so shiny and girly!  I had fun trawling the charity shops for small ornaments, broken jewellry, 1980's brassy earrings, buttons, shiny bits, plastic toys etc.

and some of the results were:



The class worked around two tables, and all got on well.  Here are a couple of action shots!


and the class group all together


For more info about Remake, click here



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  1. Ankna Parkin avatar
    Ankna Parkin Jun 30, 2016

    I really like your work and visit your video on YouTube so many time.  I am a retiree and living in Hobart Tasmania Australia.  I paint but like mosaic art but not knowing much about it.  I saw some of the mirrors have background colors.  Are they painted surface.  What type of grazings afterwards.  Do you produce teaching video or write a book about mosaic arts.  I would be very keen to buy one.  So special and so creative.