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Three thistles for Arts festival

Perthshire Open Studios (POS) is looming fast, with the first deadline on Tuesday as we have to hand in our work for the Taster Exhibition.  The POS PR machine is working hard, and in amongst the bits and bobs of information was a request for prizes for the raffle whcih will take place at the launch event of the Taster Exhibition.  Are you keeping up with my plot here?  So things for the hamper? 'No'. A box of chocolates? 'no'. A small piece of art from the back and beyond of your workshop? 'not for me'... what do I do, but promised a new purpose made mosaic!

I am making an OPEN sign, on hardibacker with hanging holes for ribbon, using all manner of scraps (including legs and busoms from a butter dish, and a golfer from a Scotland plate) and in the big letters, it then includes Perthshire Open Studios in scrabble tiles.  So a bit of fun to be had, and I hope that whoever wins it gets the quirkyness and humour in it!

But, with my marketing head (and of course I do actually have a BA (hons) in Business Studies, majoring in marketing) on, i want lots of people to see the mosaic, then want to come to my venue.  I want the winner to hang it up during Open Studios week and say to admirers "yes, Katy Galbraith, mosaics, Venue 89".  The worst case scenario is that they hand it in to the local charity shop as an unwanted gift!

Thankfully I don't get asked often for mosaic prizes for raffles or auctions, thoughIi frequently offer something to causes which are 'close to my heart'.  For me it is a useful way to get my work out, visible to a different mix of people and also to support a cause that matters to me. As I work generally with other peoples rubbish, there is little actual cost to me, beyond my time and energy (and occasionally postage). But I do want to ensure that the price received is appropriate to the prize - otherwise I may have well sold the mosaic commercially and then donated the money!

This was made for the auction to raise money for the Crieff Arts Festival.  I had just completed 100 thistles which replaced the old square tiles at James Square, Crieff - and reused the square in the background of this one.  I was on a thistle roll!

These two mosaics went of to the USA for a mosaic auction organised by Lin Schorr, raising money for the Doctors without Borders (or Medicins sans Frontiers in the UK)

I have done others, but seem not to have images to share with you!  So I will call it quits just now.  I am being a bit cautious at this point, as if word gets out that I am always up for raffle prizes, I might just be inundated!



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  1. The Works June McEwan avatar
    The Works June McEwan Aug 16, 2013

    On behalf of The Crieff High Street Arts Festival- a big thank you for a wonderful thistle mosaic peice. It was much admired and we benefitted from wonderful feedback..and lottsa money!