Paolozzi's Garden (Imagined)

mosaic with mixed media
42cm wide x 51cm high

Made for the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM) exhibition at the Patriothall Gallery in Edinburgh 2017, this mosaic was inspired by the theme of the concurrent forum.

BAMM's annual forum, a celebration of mosaic in the UK, was centred around Paolozzi, and the dismanling of his mosaics from Tottenham Court Road underground station. Paolozzi came from Edinburgh, and the remaining sections of the mosaic have ended up at the University of Edinburgh.

Using this as my starting point, I envisaged his garden to be one full of colour, as his mosaics were bright and colourful, but with a dark sculpural piece as the focal point of my mosaic, as most of his sculptures that I have seen are quite dark and sombre.

My mosaic is made of recycled materials, including bone china crockery, a large ceramic vase, various stoneware items and wine


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