"You Make Loving Fun" Heart Sculpture

25cm x 25cm 1kg

A romantic heart sculpture with orange daisy flowers on one side and word art in mosaic on the other sides.

It hangs up with a bead covered wire enabling it to hang up. This is one of a kind (OOAK) and would make a totally unique piece of recycled art for the garden or home.

One side says You Make Loving Fun, and the other side has a orange daisies surrounded by blue on it. Suitable for indoors and outdoors

It measures 25cm x 25cm and weighs 1kg (9.8 x 9.8 inches, 2.2 pounds)

The materials include vintage ceramics and other crockery, recycled tiles made on a polystyrene box which my weekly fruit came in! The hanging loop is from various glass & china beads.

Whilst suitable for outdoors, it is not guaranteed against severe frost.

Commissions available with other words and colour ways.




The mosaic is made from primarily recycled materials


A card featuring this mosaic is available in my Etsy shop


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