Taking The Plunge

Mosaic Bathroom
I have often talked about "taking the next step", by challenging myself to Bigger and More Complex. And now I have the opportunity.
A couple of years ago, a visitor to my studio, expressed her desire for a mosaic in her bathroom but she. wasn't quite ready yet, and duly took my details. Then out-of-the blue I got a call, and we discussed it further, then a couple weeks ago I got the go-ahead.
It is 2.5 metres long by 60 cm high (the same size as Wedi construction board). The design is a central vase with flowers - after all, I have to get my signature style in there somewhere - and two exotic, but not quite peacocks, facing each other.
Whilst all the design stuff was going on, I have researched the construction of such a large mosaic. Given the likely finished weight, I don't want it to bring down the plaster.
So I have plotted out the design on paper supplied by a local architects office, and have started creating the border on mesh. 



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