The Chinese Year of the Rooster

Nina's Kitchen 1
Chickens and roosters seem to be a popular choice for mosaicists, may be something to do with them being a popular selling item, says the cynic in me!

Bizarrely though, I was looking at my website stats yesterday, and saw that the images of my splash back with chickens
had the highest number of views.  Is it because of it being chickens rather than being a highly accomplished mosaic (ha ha, it was when I was still learning the art of...)


I actually made this mosaic many many years ago, to brighten up Nina's kitchen, my mother-in-law always 'made do' and her kitchen was falling apart, and was a tiny scullery space.  By applying the mosaic over the top of her existing white tiles, it really brightened up the space, and then enthused by the improvements, she painted the walls bright yellow.

Unfortunately, Nina died in 2016, and her house finally sold, and I imagine that the kitchen has been ripped out, walls knocked about and the chickens no more.

I do intend to do more chicken (rooster) mosaics at some point though.  When we have travelled in India, and passed through villages with their strutting birds, I have taken lots of photographs with the plan to "one day"...



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