The Exhibition going Full Tilt

n the Garden with Friends 3

Finally time to draw breath and write for 5 minutes.  I cannot believe that it is almost a week since 'In the Garden with Friends' opened to a private view of at least 150 guests - we ran out of glasses, we got caught on the hop at the sales table and the books didn't balance the next morning, but it was well worth it, a great night!

My original vision for the exhibition space, when I conceived the idea of staging it as a garden, really came into fruition.  The artwork submitted by the various artists reflected floral and landscape and even a couple of portraits (Friends), in a variety of media and a variety of price points.  And without wanting to brag, I am so chuffed with the feedback which has surpassed my expectations, lots of positive comments about the event as a whole.  I do admit to totally underestimating the amount of time setting up the event, and thanks to brilliant friends who helped me last week, working until late to get it all together.  I don't know why I thought I would be able to do it all myself!

But now, as we approach week 2, it has become a calm space, gentle music in the background, though my ipod selection does sometimes get drawn to a bit of a rave! So here are some photos of the space, and I have also made a short film which is on YouTube - it was made for the benefit of my mum, so excuse the informality!






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